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isLNG, the LNG school

Enagás, international leader in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas infrastructure and owner of one of the world’s largest regasification plant networks, and Salvamento Marítimo, Spanish Maritime Safety Agency, have set up the International School of LNG in Gijón, in the Spanish region of Asturias.
Our centres
Only 12 km between the two centres

Jovellanos Centre

Jovellanos Centre, part of Salvamento Marítimo, has offered, for more than 20 years, professional training on safety and environment in the maritime and port domain. Its facilities are equipped with the latest technology. Jovellanos Centre is the new venue for technical and practical training on LNG business.

143.000 m2 surface area.

El Musel Regasification Terminal

This terminal is owned by Enagás and was designed and built using the most advanced and innovative technology and equipment. Therefore, it is the perfect setting to put into practice the acquired knowledge.

2 tanks each with 150.000 m3 capacity.
300.000 m3 storage capacity.